Business Integration Technology introduces Plain Label B2B Integration

It had to happen eventually.
The software has been ready for a while.
People are tired of paying for brand name B2B integration from a slick salesman with a bunch of hype.

It really doesn't matter what the “secret” ingredient is or how colorful the ads are. What matters is getting the business benefits of the integration. We built our software to get the job done, not to look good in a glossy sales presentation.

Business Integration Technology now offers plain label B2B integration. You just let us know which companies you're doing business with and which business documents you want to exchange: purchase orders, invoices, load tenders, payment advice - you name it. We'll get it integrated.

We offer rock-solid, mission-critical software and proven practices to get the job done right. And we tell you right up front what it will cost. Really. We have a public pricing calculator for B2B integration.

Think about the opportunities

  • save labor and money by eliminating manual entry of orders and invoices
  • keep customers happy by reducing errors & letting them know where their shipments are
  • moderate the risk of stock-outs with timely data from suppliers

If you've had enough of paying for high-priced sales people and glossy ads for secret ingredients, give us a call at 314-635-6351. We'll get it done right for a surprisingly low cost.