SQL ICE 1.1.2 - Enhanced ETL/Upload/Download, Query Import/Export, Improved Error Handling

SQL ICE Version 1.1.2 released

New features in this version:


  • Upload, Download, ETL - Data import and export has been significantly revised and enhanced. Previous release simply showed queries with XML and CSV data types as available for download and retrieval on the Queries screen and ETL was only used for a 'pull/push' of data. In this release all upload, download, and ETL is centralized on the ETL tab. SQL ICE Admins can create an ETL for upload, download or pull/push with just a couple of clicks. ETL queries that have application attributes are shown on the appropriate ETL application screen for non-Admin users, no be sure to protect them with an appropriate Authorize query if you do not want users to run them.

Query Import/Export

  • Query Import/Export - This release now preserves the order of parameters when exporting and re-creates it on import.

SQL Statements

  • SQL Create and Drop statements - SQL ICE 1.1.2 allows the SQL ICE Admin to create queries that include SQL Create and SQL Drop statements. Since these statements are rarely appropriate for end-user use, they should be protected by an Authorize query and should be disabled except when needed.

Error Reporting

  • Error reporting - Many SQL ICE errors that previously returned 'HTTP 500' errors are now trapped and helpful error-specific messages are returned.

For more information, check out the Release Notes or go ahead and download SQL ICE and see for yourself.