Plain Label B2B is now Plain - and Simple - B2B

Plain Label B2B is now Plain and Simple B2B

Several months ago, BIT introduced Plain Label B2B integration. Rock-solid, mission-critical software and proven practices to get integrated with your trading partners without the hype and cost associated with high-priced sales people and glossy ads for 'secret ingredients.' Now BIT goes a step further and makes it even easier and simpler to do B2B by focusing strictly on what it takes to exchange, process, and integrate invoices, purchase orders, load tenders, payment advices and all the electronic documents that lower costs and improve efficiencies with suppliers, customers, and service providers.

Although the functionality for B2B integration is about the same, we've taken everything else out -leaving a simple and effective tool we call EME 2.0

What's different about EME 2.0?

  • No ESB required. If you have an enterprise service bus (ESB), EME 2.0 can easily integrate with your ESB using JMS queues, Web services, and/or database tables. If you do not have an ESB, EME 2.0 can operate without any ESB at all.
  • No Java coding, no XML routing documents, no config files. EME 2.0 can exchange, process and integrate integration with suppliers, customers, and service providers by simply using EME Workflow Steps. If message transformation is necessary, industry standard XSLT may be included in the workflow or messages can be routed to an existing enterprise message transformation engine.
  • Optional integration with Protocol Proxy and SQL ICE. EME 2.0 can optionally leverage BIT's Protocol Proxy as a secure hub for exchanging messages with trading partners and EME 2.0 can optionally leverage BIT's SQL ICE to extract data from and/or load data into enterprise databases.
  • SQL ICE also provides detailed reporting on exactly what's going on in your B2B message exchange.

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