SQL ICE 1.1.0 with ETL, bulk upload, theming, and custom JSPs provides a complete Internet Computing Environment

With release 1.1 of SQL ICE, Business Integration Technology is now offering a very powerful tool for the SQL professional that makes it possible to start with extremely simple Web reporting and progressively move up to sophisticated application development and data management. With SQL ICE 1.1, you can:

  • Web-publish a simple report by simply entering a SQL query like 'Select * from Customer, Accounts where Customer.ID=Accounts.Customer_ID and Balance_Due > 1000;'
  • Move up to more sophisticated reporting with named columns and formatted content specified in the query and adding a page heading and footer.
  • Include links to other reports - and other applications - by creating simple, standard HTML links as result columns and including links in the page heading and footer.
  • Begin building a SQL ICE application by creating SQL ICE queries that include SQL insert, delete, and update statement that allow the user to add, delete, and modify information. The read (list) query includes links to the other queries providing all the essential of a CRUD (create, read, update, delete) tool.
  • Create queries that let the user upload CSV and XML data to get information out of spreadsheets and other applications
  • Expose Web services that accept/return XML, JSON, and CSV data so your SQL ICE application can fully participate in service-oriented architecture and be seamlessly integrated with other enterprise and 'cloud' applications.
  • Create your own enterprise or application theme by copying and modifying the SQL ICE-provided JSP that formats results and specifying your new JSP as the 'Alternate View'.
  • Move up to high-functionality custom JSPs using AJAX to access SQL ICE JSON queries.
  • Use SQL ICE ETL (extract, transform, load) to migrate data from database to database and to populate data warehouses and data marts.

We believe you will find SQL ICE to be the best solution for Web-enabled Internet Computing for SQL experts. Download SQL ICE here.