SQL ICE 1.1.0 - Now with ETL, bulk upload, theming, and custom JSPs

SQL ICE Version 1.1.0 released

New features in this version


  • ETL - SQL ICE now supports SQL-based ETL(Extract/Tranform/Load).
  • Data Import - Data can now be bulk uploaded into to SQL ICE.
  • Both ETL and Data Import in SQL ICE support XML, CSV, and JSON data formats.

User Interface

  • Custom rendering of WebDisplay Queries - Query Administrators may now create a customized version of the JSP that renders SQL ICE WebDisplay queries to theme Web pages for their enterprise look and feel.
  • Custom JSPs with AJAX/JSON - SQL ICE also supports launching completely custom JSPs that can utilize AJAX calls to access SQL ICE JSON queries to create high-functionality user interfaces.
  • Field validation - Data entry on SQL ICE parameter screens may now have an optional validator.
  • Improved error handling and better error messages - SQL ICE now catches many more run-time errors caused by faulty query specification and displays much more user-friendly error messages on the errors that are caught.

Query Editor

  • Intelligent WebDisplay runner - The SQL ICE Query editor now determines whether a WebDisplay query has user-input (editable) parameters and correctly branches to the parameter entry page when the Query Administrator clicks on 'Web Display' for a query that needs user input during testing.

For more information, check out the Release Notes or go ahead and download SQL ICE and see for yourself.