What would my own B2B Integration Hub cost?

BIT has often told customers and prospects that we can create integration solutions quickly and at low cost. You may have wondered what we mean by 'low cost.' We decided to let you see for yourself.

We leverage open-source to create our solutions and you can see in the spreadsheet that there is no license fee for the software - you may download it free of charge on our Download Page and use it for any legal purpose in your organization. But most organizations would find BIT services to install and configure EME, Protocol Proxy and SQL ICE much more cost effective than doing it themselves. Likewise, all of our services to get your suppliers, customers, and trading partners connected and integrated into your enterprise systems are optional. Just click here or on the image below to download the spreadsheet. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Click here for an Excel 1997-2003 version
Note: Your needs may vary and this may not apply in all circumstances - but it does reflect BIT's actual pricing on recent engagements.

Please see the Protocol Proxy, EME, and SQL ICE pages for details on supported features.