Business Integration Technology B2B Integration Implementation

Business Integration Technology is a technology company that is focused on the business processes. We have exceptional depth in transportation, logistics, and supply chain, in addition to recent experience in financial services, banking, and enterprise application integration (EAI).

BIT offers four distinct services that can be delivered individually or combined into an integrated package specifically designed for your needs.

The second of these four offerings is an Integration Implementation:

    A B2B integration implementation executes the integration strategy to create an optimal custom-tailored B2B network for your enterprise. This service is typically delivered as a contract-based project.

What is an integration implementation?

Whether you are an experienced participant in collaborative business processes looking to reduce your messaging costs, or you are committed to implementing a new business-to-business integration project to reap the substantial benefits of electronic connectivity with customers, suppliers and service providers, or you are new to B2B integration and looking for a cost-effective and efficient solution, Business Integration Technology’s expert team can help. Business Integration Technology (BIT) brings practical knowledge of communications protocols, Internet security, service providers, software vendors, message formats, transformation tools, and service-oriented architecture to you to help create the solution you need.

Business Integration Technology delivers state-of-the-art B2B technology in your data center using highly skilled B2B technologists and business analysts. You maintain control of both your messaging and your messaging costs.

A B2B integration outsourced solution

  • Like customer-implemented solutions, outsourced B2B is delivered in your data center using your hardware network infrastructure. You never need pay for the 'flow of electrons'.
  • Like B2B hosted services and B2B managed services, outsourced B2B is designed, implemented, and managed by full-time B2B specialists with core competency in protocols, formats and inter-enterprise messaging.
  • Outsourced B2B delivers the value of a dedicated team without giving up control and without payment of large, on-going transaction fees.

Why not outsource to a messaging hub?

  • When networks were private, sharing a VAN made sense. On the Internet, everyone uses the same network infrastructure.
  • There are many highly specialized skills necessary to support B2B: protocols, message formats, security, message transformation, etc. You may significantly reduce your costs by sharing skilled technologists.
  • A managed B2B service adds an additional point of failure - a complex hub.
  • Although network connections are reduced for the community as a whole, there is an additional connection in your network.
  • Data transmission is doubled - to the hub and from the hub instead of direct to the partner.
  • You and your trading partners still need a mission-critical system to send and receive.
  • B2B Outsource lets you share skills without sharing a hub. That eliminates the need for on-going transaction fees.

Hybrid Solutions

In some cases, the optimal solution leverages the strengths of VANs and managed B2B services as well as the exceptional value of an integration implementation.

  • VANs and managed B2B services may have existing connections to trading partners that would be relatively expensive to implement compared to their message volume.
  • An integration implementation dramatically reduces the overall cost by implementing high-volume messaging to selected trading partners.

Integration Implementation Details (PDF)