SQL ICE 1.1.0 with ETL, bulk upload, theming, and custom JSPs provides a complete Internet Computing Environment

With release 1.1 of SQL ICE, Business Integration Technology is now offering a very powerful tool for the SQL professional that makes it possible to start with extremely simple Web reporting and progressively move up to sophisticated application development and data management. With SQL ICE 1.1, you can:

  • Web-publish a simple report by simply entering a SQL query like 'Select * from Customer, Accounts where Customer.ID=Accounts.Customer_ID and Balance_Due > 1000;'

See the Power of SQL ICE - Attend our Webinar

BIT is hosting a webinar to demonstrate the power of SQL ICE.

Join us on Tuesday, January 25, 11:00am-12:00pm Central

This webinar will demonstrate some of the key functionality of SQL ICE, utilizing the example queries and applications that you will find in the download and in the demo site.

Using SQL ICE for Web Services Integration to Enterprise Relational Databases

Business Integration Technology has just released SQL ICE, the Internet Computing Environment for SQL Experts. Although SQL ICE can do a lot of things that may not be of interest to EDI/Integration developers, SQL ICE makes it extremely easy to expose data in relational databases as a Web service for integration purposes. All you need to do is add a Connection to the target database and write a query in SQL. The data is exposed as an XML document accessed by a REST Web service. For example, a simple query like:

  max(Customer_Code) as "Customer Code",

Free Database tool from Business Integration Technology

Are you now or have you ever been a SQL developer?

If you know SQL, you will want SQL ICE, the free Internet Computing Environment for SQL Experts. SQL ICE from Business Integration Technology delivers in three important ways:

  • SQL ICE makes it possible to publish reports and queries on the Web for legacy and new applications in minutes
  • SQL ICE is an integration tool that makes it easy to integrate to applications through database tables using Web services.

and most remarkably:

Predictions for 2011

IDG Connect is offering a download of Nucleus Top 10 Predictions for 2011 at the IDG Connect Web site that contains some interesting thoughts. I especially like their comments on small technology vendors:

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