Webinar on SQL ICE, the FREE tool to report, integrate, and manage databases on the Web

NEW! BIT is hosting a webinar to demonstrate the power of SQL ICE.

Join us on Tuesday, January 25, 11:00am-12:00pm Central

This webinar will demonstrate some of the key functionality of SQL ICE, utilizing the example queries and applications that you will find in the download and in the demo site.

SQL ICE from Business Integration Technology delivers in three important ways:

  1. SQL ICE makes it possible to publish reports and queries on the Web for legacy and new applications in minutes.
  2. SQL ICE is an integration tool that makes it easy to integrate to applications through database tables using Web services.
  3. SQL ICE makes it possible to create and deploy complete Web-based applications using only SQL!

SQL ICE is a comprehensive tool to manage all your queries for all your databases in one place - including scheduled batch updates and even reports that are e-mailed to users.

Best of all, SQL ICE 1.0.0 is FREE! for all legal purposes, including commercial use.