Novus Europe Logistics B2B Integration

BIT and Novus International have released our Novus Case Study that demonstrates the business value of a B2B integration solution for outbound logistics. Novus was able to dramatically increase their capacity for outbound logistics by integrating warehouses and transporters electronically. BIT's EME enables this trading partner community to efficiently exchange load tenders, load tender acceptances, shipping instructions, and shipment notices electronically. Phone and fax processes were eliminated along with the delays, errors, and problems caused by missing or inaccurate information.

This case study may be more interesting than most because of what it is not about. The solution BIT implemented for Novus does not include:

  • Software that requires a license fee
  • A hosted service with a transaction fee
  • Use of an industry exchange or messaging hub
  • A focus on technology

It does include:

  • Leveraging open source software
  • Enabling trading partners with little or no investment in messaging infrastructure
  • A win-win approach for both sides of the business relationship
  • Industry standards for messaging and for technical architecture
  • A focus on business benefits and how to achieve them

Click here or on the thumbnail below to download the Novus Case Study