B2B Integration Services

Business Integration Technology has the abilities plus a proven track record of addressing the on-going obstacles caused by the lack of an integrated network. After all, “integration” is our middle name. We have the right staff, with the right knowledge and experience, to deliver the level of service that you require for your particular needs. Our services are scalable, from a short-term, contract-based project, to a long-term, fully-outsourced integration solution.

  • Are you continually dealing with problems as a result of your staff not having access to all of the information from suppliers, customers or service providers that they need to perform their duties effectively?
  • Are you planning a major overhaul of your technical environment, for example a new ERP solution, or a new architecture platform, that will require you to re-establish your trading partner network?
  • Is one of your strategic trading partners, for example a key supplier or your largest customer, requiring you to begin electronic communication in order to continue the “most-favored” status of your business relationship?
  • Do you have deep, established electronic communications capabilities with some of your trading partners, for example your suppliers, and you now realize the value of establishing these same connections with your customers or your financial service providers?
  • Do you find yourself accessing multiple applications to get to the information you need to make a business decision or to finalize a deal with a customer?

BIT is a technology company that is focused on the business processes. We have exceptional depth in transportation, logistics, and supply chain, in addition to recent experience in financial services, banking, and enterprise application integration (EAI).

BIT offers services that can be delivered individually or combined into an integrated package specifically designed for your needs:

  • EME support – BIT supports the complete integration solution including software support, installation, and hosting.
  • Integration assessment and roadmap – A B2B integration assessment and roadmap defines the current state of your enterprise’s technical environment, determines the desired future state of your integration network, and outlines the optimal strategy for implementing your trading partner network. This service is typically delivered as a contract-based project.
  • Integration implementation – A B2B integration implementation executes the integration strategy to create an optimal custom-tailored B2B network for your enterprise. This service is typically delivered as a contract-based project.
  • B2B trading partner services – B2B trading partner services can be contracted on a project-by-project basis, to either extend your existing trading partner network to include a new set of partners or to accommodate changes to your existing business processes, or to implement your existing trading partners to new business processes. This service is typically delivered as a contract-based project.
  • Outsourced B2B services – An outsourced B2B service provides comprehensive, on-going management of your network for trading community changes, protocol and format modifications, adjustments to your business processes (business process management, or BPM), and on-boarding of new trading partners. This service is typically delivered as a long-term, fully-outsourced integration solution.

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