BIT Announces EME 1.2 - B2B integration with Workflow plus Large File Transfer/Managed File Transfer

Business Integration Technology, Inc. (BIT) is pleased to announce version 1.2 of our proven EME enterprise messaging engine that includes:

  • Integration Workflows - Create B2B integrations and EAI by simply selecting and configuring workflow steps - select inbound and outbound endpoints, add transformation, logging, and security features entirely in the EME application.
  • Large File Transfer - BIT has implemented streaming throughout the managed file transfer process to enable EME and Protocol Proxy to handle arbitrarily large files, limited only by server capacity.

NEW! BIT is hosting a Webinar on July 14th to show you how to implement EME.
Click here for information and to register.

To download EME Version 1.2 please register at then click on Download in the Navigation menu at the left. Customers are authorized to use EME for any lawful purpose within their enterprise.

The download lets architects evaluate EME for their enterprise without cost or obligation - absolutely free. Business Integration Technology provides a complete solution including: